Git Cheat Sheet

This post is a Git cheat sheet, which git users can bookmark so that you’ll have most basic Git commands handy. A more detailed post about git installation and commit can be seen here

General Git Commands

$ git –version ==> Displays the version fo the git installed

$ git config –global status ==> Create an alias for git status

$ git help ==> Displays help on the git command

$ git init ==> Initialize git

$ git add . ==> Make everything in CWD ready to commit

$ git add index.html ==> Make one file ready to commit

$ git commit -m “Message” ==> Commit changes

$ git commit -am “Message” ==> Add file and Commit in one commad

$ git rm index.html ==> Remove files from git

$ git add -u ==> Update all changes

$ git rm –cached index.html ==> Remove & not to track a file any more

$ git mv index.html dir/index_new.html ==> Move or Rename files

$ git checkout — index.html ==> Restore file from a latest commit

$ git checkout 6eb715d — index.html ==> Restore file from a custom commit of current branch

$ git clean -n ==> Delete dry run of untracked files

$ git clean -f ==> Delete untracked files

$ git reset HEAD index.html ==> Undo adds

$ git commit –amend -m “Message” ==> Commit to most recent commit

$ git commit –amend -m “New Message” ==> Update most recent commit message

Tagging and Branching and Merging

$ git tag ==> Show all released version

$ git tag -l -n1 ==> Show all released versions with comments

$ git tag v1.0.0 ==> Create release version

$ git tag -a v1.0.0 -m ‘Message’ ==> Create release version with comment

$ git checkout v1.0.0 ==> Checkout a specific release version

$ git branch ==> Show branches

$ git branch branchname ==> Create branch

$ git checkout branchname ==> Change to a branch

$ git checkout -b branchname ==> Create and change to a branch

$ git branch -m branchname new_branchname

or ==> Rename a branch

$ git branch –move branchname new_branchname

$ git branch –merged ==> List all completely merged branch with current one

$ git branch -d branchname

or ==> Delete merged branch

$ git branch –delete branchname

$ git branch -D branch_to_delete ==> Delete not merged branch

$ git merge branchname ==> True Merge

$ git merge –ff-only branchname ==> Merge to Master

$ git merge –no-ff branchname ==> Merge to master/force a new commit

$ git merge –abort ==> Stop merge

Working with remote Git/GitHub

$ git remote ==> Show remote

$ git remote -v ==> Show remote details

$ git remote add origin ==> Add remote origin from GitHub project

$ git remote add origin ssh://root@ ==> Ad remote origin from existing empty project

$ git remote rm origin ==> Remove origin

$ git branch -r ==> Show remote branches

$ git branch -a ==> Show all branches

$ git diff origin/master..master ==> Compare

$ git push -u origin master ==> Default push/set default with -u

$ git push origin master ==> Push to default

$ git fetch origin ==> Fetch

$ git pull ==> Pull

$ git pull origin branchname ==> Pull specific branch

$ git merge origin/master ==> Merge fetched commits

$ git clone or: git clone ssh:// ==> Clone to local system

$ git clone ~/dir/folder ==> Clone to a local folder

$ git clone -b branchname ==> Clone specific branch to local host

$ git push origin :branchname or: git push origin –delete branchname ==> Delete remote branch/Push nothing

Git Logs

$ git log ==> Show commits

$ git log –oneline ==> Show oneline summary of commits

$ git log –oneline -3 ==> Show oneline summary of last three commits

$ git log –author=”Sven” git log –grep=”Message” git log –until=2013-01-01 git log –since=2013-01-01 ==> Show only custom commits

$ git log -p ==> Show changes

$ git log –stat –summary ==> Show status and summary of commits

$ git log –graph ==> Show history of commits as graph

$ git log –oneline –graph –all –decorate ==> Show history of commits as graph summary

Cherry pick

git cherry-pick <first_commit>..<nth commit>
$ git cherry-pick 6e30dac520faef4a1..fd7d0d7873461a26
On branch develop
You are currently cherry-picking commit d856905.

$ git cherry-pick <initial_commit_hash>^..<terminal_commit_hash>
$ git cherry-pick --continue


$ git archive –format zip –output master ==> Create a zip archive

$ git log –author=sven –all > log.txt ==> Write custom logs to a file

And finally a useful template for creating .gitignore,

.gitignore Templates